Our mission is simple — to deliver proactive tax planning strategies to minimize your tax liability and protect your assets. By maintaining our relationship with Wealth Management Associates, Inc. and using their financial planning services we can integrate the plans to help you achieve your financial goals.

If You're Like Most Individuals and Small Business Owners

Your tax preparer does a fine job recording the history you give them. They put the “right” numbers in the “right” boxes on the “right” forms, and file them by the “right” deadlines, but then they call it a day. When is the last time they gave you tax-advantaged strategies for paying long-term care costs, or for enhancing your investment returns via proper tax planning?

Allen Tax Planning is Different

We don’t just record the history you give us. We go beyond that to give you proactive concepts and strategies to keep more of what you earn — without resorting to “grey areas” or questionable tactics.

We will look for mistakes and missed opportunities that may be costing you thousands, then show you how proactive planning can help rescue those wasted dollars. You’ll sleep well knowing you aren’t missing a single planning opportunity.

What We Do

Save You Time

Save hours of your time by having us prepare your taxes - just give us your tax reporting documents, we do the rest.

Offer Accessibility

Have a tax/financial planning professional "on-call" to ask questions about large financial issues throughout the year.

Provide Accuracy

Have your taxes prepared correctly which will avoid IRS scrutiny.

Make It Personal

Have a tax professional treat your tax situation as their own. In other words, we are looking at your return as if it is our own and we are just as cautious with your return as we are with ours.

Apply Tax Strategies

We employ the most current tax strategies and laws you are entitled to use, minimizing your tax obligations.

Offer Financial Planning

Have the ability to also assist you with financial planning via Wealth Management Associates, Inc. which allows you to keep all of your finances under one roof.

About Our Firm

Today, we serve clients who work in a broad range of fields including professional services, trade services, real estate, and other professions.

  • Are you an employee looking to pay less tax and start building your retirement savings?
  • Are you a self-employed business owner or professional looking for a business tax accountant to help you increase cash flow and use the hundreds of tax strategies available to slash your tax bill?
  • Are you contemplating retirement but are not sure you have enough assets to live on through retirement?
  • Are you contemplating taking Social Security but are not sure about the optimal time to claim?
  • Do you have stock options but are not sure you are exercising them in the most tax efficient manner?
  • Do you have a significant amount of money in a traditional IRA? – a Roth IRA Conversion might make sense.
  • Are you looking for an estate tax accountant that can help you optimize your estate planning?
  • Do you need rental property tax planning that will help you make the most of your rental business?
  • These are just a few of the hundreds of issues we can help you address.

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